In the wake of the terrorist bombing of New York's World Trade Center, I think the best course of action the U.S. should take is:

  • IMMEDIATELY ... REPAIR and RESCUE and RECOVER from the remains!


  • I believe some action must occur soon ....... the necessary fervor is at a peak.

  • Be candid to America and the World - as each piece of information is discovered.

  • We should continue to act as we have (to date) in our defense - not revenge.

  • The economics are troubling, especially to younger Americans.  I believe the "tax cut" must be rescinded for the future.

  • When you say the United States - I assume you mean citizens - we should pray that our leaders will actually pray!

I am coping and dealing with this national tragedy (along with my family and friends) by ...

    I am grateful that my family was spared, of course.

    Forcing myself to keep the survivors constantly on my mind in order to empathize with them!

    Also (even at my age) believing in the future and expecting a good life for this world!  Oddly - perhaps - realizing that evil exists and has to be acknowledged; thus - our need to also realize that Almighty God exists and wants to be acknowledged!  Perhaps (actually I hope such) we will ALL intently grow nearer to God!

Here is how I think my life will change going forward from this event:

    My life, and our lives, will change immediately.  In our travels, we may be more suspicious.  We will endure (willingly, I trust) many more checks - exams - questions - searches.  We may face another war (I doubt it).  We may have economic scares - oil shortages - travel restrictions - limited freedoms.  I realize the potential for all this and I am determined to accept what I must with a cooperative attitude.

    An aside, if I may:  Several have stated that this is a "punishment from God" (in so many words).  God is love - and rather than think that - we should turn our sincere prayers to God and His love for all.



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