Jean Gonzalo Turns 60!



    On June 23,  2002, Jean Gonzalo turned 60!.  Since this is such a milestone, we're celebrating it right here in cyberspace by posting some pictures of the great event.   Paul Gardner, Jean's brother, synchronized his vacation time so he could join Jean and her family to help celebrate!

    If you have an event in your life you would like to commemorate, contact Paul or Greta about setting up a page on this site so that everyone can share in the festivities.

    ... Back to Jean's birthday.   Getting there was half the fun.  Paul flew into Reno to meet Jean and Miguel.  After Reno, everybody piled into the new Ford 350 Four-Door, Four-Wheel Drive Pickup and drove to Lake Tahoe and then San Francisco.  Here are some pictures of that trip you might enjoy.

Lake Tahoe and San Francisco



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