Joyce D'Antilio

Joyce D'Antilio with her son, Paul, daughter, Susan, and Granddaughter, Sofia. Click on the picture to see her dancing with Bill, her boyfriend, at her birthday party held at Anthony's in Malden, MA on January 13, 2018

It seems this is the season for milestone birthday parties. Aunt Lois turned 100 last November and now Joyce D’Antilio celebrated her 80th birthday at Anthony’s in Malden, MA on January 13, 2018. Family and friends from all over the country convened and celebrated by participating in a rollicking good time of 1950’s music with great food, drinks, and desserts. Kudos to Joyce’s daughter, Susan, for such wonderful planning and organization!

You’re probably asking, “Who is Joyce D’Antilio, anyway?” Well, she has been an honorary subscriber to the Gardner Newsletter since it’s very beginning in 1998. She has been a steadfast friend of your editor, Paul Gardner, since the early 1980s when they both worked together for several years at American Computer Group up from Kenmore Square in Boston, MA.

Joyce has been to several major Gardner family events over these many years.  When Earl Gardner (Paul and Jean Gardner’s dad and the first of the “Original Gang of Ten” to pass away) died of a heart attack in 1985, she came to his funeral as a representative from American Computer Group. When Bunny and Tony Maria celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2003, she attended the Catholic mass and celebratory dinner held in Maynard, MA. Paul and Joyce also attended Rod and Irene Ames’ 50th wedding anniversary held on June 23, 2012 in Derby, VT.

Here’s hoping that after you read this, you’ll come to realize what a special friend Joyce is to the Gardner family and that she will become a friend of yours too. After all, you never can have too many friends, right?


In the wake of the terrorist bombing of New York's World Trade Center, I think the best course of action the U.S. should take is:

Find the person or persons responsible and, if it is an organization, declare war.

I am coping and dealing with this national tragedy (along with my family and friends) by ...

   ... not making irresponsible statements in regards to anyone's race or creed, trying to learn as much as I can about other countries and their beliefs, trying to trust the people who are our leaders to take a responsible position, going to church and realizing that God is always with me.

Here is how I think my life will change going forward from this event:

   I hope to be able to stop being concerned with trivialities - to be concerned with the whole world, not just my spot - and to always stay connected to people that I care about.

Who is Joyce D'Antilio?

Joyce D'Antilio lives in Malden, Massachusetts.  She is an honorary Gardner Newsletter subscriber because she has been a close friend of Paul Gardner's since the 1980s when they worked together in Boston.  Joyce has a son, Paul, who lives in California, and a daughter, Susan, who also lives in Malden.

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