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Someone recently responded to Warren Strong's message and posted the following to Greta's page:


Appreciated the feedback from Warren Strong! Agree that solutions are complicated; one thing I don't hear in any of the dialogues is that we MUST consider the impact(s) the war/conflict are having on US (as a nation). While I agree with the idea that we should "finish what we started" (tho' I'm not altogether sure that is in the realm of possibility), I think the whole world will suffer if we allow our commitments to other countries to "supersede" the values this great country was built on. Our duty, first and foremost, should be to continue the traditions of democracy (which we are doing by having this very discussion), & let that be the EXAMPLE to those in other countries... if they choose to follow our lead - GREAT... if not, it's their mistake, not ours!



Eleanor and Warren Strong in Branson, MO

(The Strongs are Jean and Paul Gardner's cousins on their mother's side)

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Congratulations on the 10th anniversary issue of the Gardner Newsletter!  Eleanor and I enjoyed this issue, - the interview with Dick Metcalf, and the e-mails from Jay Griffes discussing their experiences while serving in Iraq.  Our thanks to them for their service to our country!  Their differing opinions and perspectives about the future of Iraq mirror the division in our general population.  The solution to peace in the region is complicated.  We cannot determine our future actions in Iraq without considering their effect on Iran, Syria and the rest of the Middle East.  Regardless of the wisdom of going to Iraq, now that we are there, should we leave with an unstable Iraq?  We must continue with our best efforts to stabilize Iraq and the region or the wave of Islamic terrorism will continue against the Western World.

Warren Strong


What Price, Liberty!

America Goes to War


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