Family and Friends Gather for Cole Hosford's

1st Birthday Party


Everybody likes to attend a birthday party!  You are invited to this one which took place on July 13, 2003 at Gary and Sheryl Hosford's home in Newport, Vermont.  Their son, Cole William, was 1-year old on July 12th - and family and friends gathered to celebrate.

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The Birthday Boy!  (Cole William Hosford)

More Pictures .....

1.    Cole, Gary, Sheryl and Calvin

2.    From left to right:  Kristen, Cole, Calvin and Megan

3.    Calvin, Gary, Cole

4.    Proud Grandpa Griffes and Calvin


1.    Eva Hosford, Gary's mother

2.    Larry Hosford, Gary's father

3.    Kids helping Cole open his gifts

4.    More kids (clockwise) Josh Griffes, Kristen Griffes, Becky Griffes,

       Calvin Hosford and Cole Hosford

Family and Friends ....

1.    Donna Griffes and Dawnita Ames

2.    Gloria and Bob Parsons and Donna Griffes

3.    Beulah and Don Griffes, Nita Ames, Gloria Parsons and

       Raymond Gardner

4.    Raymond Gardner, Len Griffes, Don Griffes


Emily Griffes with her friend, Becky Griffes, and Calvin Hosford 


Aunt Lois, Aunt Margaret, Aunt Nita and Aunt Beulah





Thanks for coming to my birthday party!





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