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"It is a wonderful thing to sense the confirmation
of God's direction as life unfolds ...."





Here are Elinor and Dick in the early 1980s. Earl and Dixie had just been married and they went to visit all of Earl's siblings (the Original Gang of Ten). The newly married Dixie took this snapshot of the Coves.  


Happy Holidays to You and Yours! - The Cove Family - 2019

Click on Dan and Nancy Whitney's Christmas card to read their 2019 family letter.


Merry Christmas - 2017 - The Cove Family

Christopher and Lisa Cove and their boys, Alex, Zack, and Matt - 2017

Songs by Greg Whitney
A Song for Daisy In the Way

I am attaching a song (okay, two) my son Greg wrote and recorded recently.  He has just moved to Hingham, MA with three other guys with the intention of forming a band and doing some song writing and recording.  Who knows what will become of that, but he is having a blast, he says. These two songs were completed before the move, so everything on them is Greg.

Pastor Dan Whitney

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Cove's - 2016/2017





Christmas, 2015 - The Whitney's

Dear Friends and Family Members,

It has been a few years since we managed to get it together enough to send out a Christmas letter, so perhaps it is time to try once more.

Nancy, Jon, Greg and Dan have been living at 232 Main Street in Manchester, CT 06042 for about 4.5 years now. We moved here so that Dan could assume the responsibilities of Senior Pastor at Manchester CT Church of the Nazarene (mcnaz.com). This is an old church in Nazarene terms (1897) but it is very active and has a wide range of ministries.

One of those ministries is a Christian school (Cornerstone Christian School) where Nancy serves as the librarian of the elementary library. She works there two days a week, when she is not engaged in other projects. Last week, she delivered a final project to the congregation - another amazing Children's musical. The performance was marvelous and really well-received. Most important, the kids love being involved and performed with great enthusiasm!

Jon, now 24, is a proud employee of Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt and enjoys working as the assistant soccer coach for Cornerstone. Greg, 22, is a junior religion major at Eastern Nazarene College, getting good grades and enjoying college life.

In some ways, the last year has been blissfully void of any major disturbances. There haven't been any serious health problems, any great financial insecurities, or accidents or significant traumas for us. For this we are very grateful. Living in a community the way we do, we walk with others through these things all of the time. And, from past experiences, we understand what those times feel like. But the year that is closing has been a good year, a year of accomplishment, of joy, a year of fulfilling work.

We spent Thanksgiving with the Whitneys in Pennsylvania this year, as we always do. We were reminded again how blessed we are to have such a wonderful family, from New York to Ohio, in Pennsylvania and throughout New Egland. We are perhaps the most blessed people we know.

We wish all of you an outstanding Christmas holiday, and pray that the peace of Christ will be yours. Our e-mail addresses are dandewhit1@cox.net; nancwhit1@cox.net; jonwhit1@cox.net and batman-g@cox.net.

We love you.

Dan, Nancy, Jon and Greg Whitney

Merry Christmas - 2015

The Cove's

Merry Christmas - 2012

The Cove Family

Chris, Lisa, Alex, Zack & Matt


Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

Another year draws to a close, one with more changes than we could have ever imagined!  We began the year with Jon at Eastern Nazarene College, Greg as a senior at John Stark Regional High School, Nancy teaching at Washington Elementary School, and Dan pastoring Community Christian Fellowship in Henniker, NH.

By the time Fall arrived, Jon was back at ENC, Greg was in Ghana, Africa, Nancy was a stay-at-home mom, and Dan was pastoring the Manchester, CT Church of the Nazarene.  The transition to Connecticut was as hard as expected, complicated by freak storms, power outages, and all that moving entails.  We managed to survive the difficult task of saying goodbye to our dear friends in New Hampshire, who graciously helped us pack our moving trucks and perpare our house for selling.  Miraculously, our house sold very quickly, for which we give God praise!  If only we could get our boxes unpacked as quickly as our old house sold!

The hurricane we experienced at the end of August left us with considerable damage to the trees around our new home, necessitating a big clean-up effort.  Little did we know that the next storm, the freak October 30 snowfall, would dwarf the previous damage.  As I sit writing this letter on December 20, I am listening to the music of the chain saws outside my window, still cleaning up from that storm almost two months ago!

As always, we traveled to PA over Thanksgiving break to give all of our Whitney relatives big hugs.  Greg, for the first time, was absent, due to his African adventure.  We learned he did manage to get some canned turkey that day.  Greg heads back to Ghana mid-January for three months of heavy labor.  Pray for him, please!

Our new home in Manchester (the church parsonage) has a lovely guest room with a big queen-sized bed.  The oldest public rose garden in America is nearby in Hartford, as well as some other nifty sights!  Give us a call and tell us when you would like to make a reservation!  We would love to have you visit!

Our new address is:  232 Main Street, Manchester, CT  06042.

Our home phone is (860) 646-4550.  (Cell phones did not change.)

We feel incredibly blessed by God this year, having watched Him lead us step by step through the past twelve months.  It is a wonderful thing to sense the confirmation of God's direction as life unfolds . . . even when the road is a little convoluted.

We wish all of you joy in the New Year, and the peace of Christ at Christmas and always.

With Love, Dan, Nancy, Jon and Greg Whitney

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Dear Family and Friends,

Another year has flown, to where, I know not.  The events already begin to melt into a muddle of the stuff we call our lives.  Let me try to shake off a few of those happenings to give an idea of where the New Hampshire Whitneys have been in recent days.

2010 dawned with Jon in college and Greg soon to start his senior year in high school  Both boys seem to be doing well at their respective tasks.  Jon has declared a "special education" major at Eastern Nazarene College; his first days in an actual classroom are on the horizon.  We miss him here at home, and are grateful for the technologies that help us keep our lives tied together.

Greg has had an entertaining year so far.  In addition to performances with his band "in The Summer," Greg has a leading role in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at his high school.  The cast did an outstanding job, and being related to "Joseph" got us good seats.  (Okay, maybe it was buying the tickets early.)

Since September, Nancy is the family's main bread-winner.  We are grateful for her job at Washington Elementary School, which provides health insurance, among other things.  Her classroom responsibilities are challenging, and her days are long.  If you have free time on a Monday, she could use an extra helper to read to her class while she corrects papers:)

This summer was Dan's last as Executive Director at Windsor Hills Camp and Retreat Center.  It was an awesome camping season and the spiritual highlight of all his years at camp.  It was a joy to have both Jon and Greg on staff for the whole summer!  Dan fills his days with work at Community Christian Fellowship in Henniker as well as enjoying a part-time sabbatical.  Sabbatical means extra time for reading and art classes at Kimball-Jenkins School of Art in Concord, NH.

Our extended family has walked through some trying times in recent days.  Both of Dan's parents have dealt with major surgery this fall.  Last Week, Nancy's Aunt Iris passed away.  We've been reminded that the presence of God makes a daily difference in our lives in so many ways.  We celebrate, along with our church family, the goodness of our loving God.  Our goal this Christmas is to find a way to spend less money and at the same time celebrate the coming of Christ more extravagantly than ever.  This means more time for friends, more giving to those in need, and an infusion of gratitude into every spare moment.  We are overwhelmed by the blessingss we have received.  We feel the need to do a better job of paying them forward.

We wish you an exceptional Christmas celebration and a year filled with hope and promise!  We are confident that the goodness and mercy of God will follow all of us, all the days of our lives ... and we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever!

In Christ, Dan and Nancy, Jon and Greg Whitney



The COVE Family - Christmas 2010
Christopher and Lisa Cover with Matthew, Alexander and Zachery

The Cove Family's New Home! - Christmas 2009



Christmas, 2008 - The Whitney's

Dear Family and Friends,

Another year is in the books for the New Hampshire Whitneys.  The verdict is in:  time is flying by at an incredible pace!  We've witnessed more changes in our family this year than in any recent year and, we suspect, it is only the starting pistol at the beginning of that race.

Nancy transitioned from working half-time as a teacher to full-time.  Nancy treated her half-time job with the dedication of a full time teacher, so you can imagine her schedule now that she is full-time.  Males now do the cooking in the home along with considerably more cleaning.  Thankfully, the laundry has not bee released to us.  Nancy teaches third and fourth grade in a wonderful school, has a great  classroom aid, and wonderful colleagues.  Her class pet is Digger, the gerbil.  (check it out at www.washingtonelementary.com)

Rascal, our cat, was aptly named.

Dan is busy with work at Windsor Hills, pastoring Community Christian Fellowship (a new church plant) and SoulCare writing for the Nazarene Denomination.  The return to active pastoring has been work-intensive, but very rewarding and satisfying.

At the present minute, we are all very grateful for the small things we take for granted in our lives, especially electricity.  The huge New Hampshire ice storm of 2008 left us electrically powerless for several days.  Several of our friends still do not have power in their homes after more than a week.  We've cooked and delivered meals, shared laundry facilities, hosted friends, and generally endured the long cold days that come without power in the middle of winter.  For many, it has been an ordeal!

With Love,

Dan, Nancy, Jon and Greg





Christmas, 2008 - The Cove's




Christmas, 2006

Cove Boys 2006

Left to right:  Matthew-9, Alexander-11 (Twin), Proud Grandad Dick, Zachery-11 (Twin)

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Here is a great picture of Dick and Elinor that Dan Whitney asked to be posted to this page.  What a nice couple!


Click here to go to Dan Whitney's page about his book "The Malleable Blade."


Here are some pictures of the Whitneys and Nancy's father and aunt.


(Click on each picture to see it actual size.  Please be patient while it downloads.)

Dan and Nancy in New Hampshire

Nancy and Dick's 80th Birthday Party

Greg and Jonathan

Greg Fishing

Jonathan - 2004

Nancy with Foreign Exchange Teacher

Dick Cove's and his Sister's 80th Birthday Party

Family Tree






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Dear Family and Friends,

Have twelve months really passed since we last celebrated Advent? It hardly seems possible. In fact, Iím not even sure I can remember all that has happened. Of course, 2002 was a crazy year of transition for us. We never did get the Christmas letter written. Sorry. Moving from Rhode Island to New Hampshire started in May and didnít finish until September. Dan had a disk removed from his neck/spine in April; and just about the time we had everything moved up here, he surrendered his appendix at Concord Hospital. We were still unpacking boxes during Advent last year, still wrestling with the emotions of saying goodbye to so many dear friends from Rhode Island. 2003 was a much healthier year!!

Gregory Daniel is a fifth grader at Henniker Community School. He loves to play baseball best, and made the area All-Star Team this summer. This fall was full of soccer and outside games, playing with neighborhood boys, and swimming at the camp. Gregory is a very good student who has a curious creative flair. He is lucky. He guessed the right number of jelly beans in the big jar at the Holiday Inn at Concord, and won a pool party there for all of his friends! Weíre waiting for a freezing cold January weekend for the indoor pool party. Greg continues to tickle the ivories and is making good progress.

Jonathan R.R. is a seventh grader at the same school Greg attends. He loves soccer most of all, indoor a little more than outdoor. His outdoor team this fall only won one game. The indoor team he is currently a part of is undefeated. They are an amazing team! Jonathan tried out for and made an advanced soccer team this past fall. Unfortunately, none of his closest friends made the team. Being the loyal boy that he is, he turned down the chance to play at a higher level in order to be with his best buddies. And that is why, of course, he has really good buddies! Jonís piano skills are improving as his horizons start to expand. He ran cross country this fall and is also on the math team at school.

Nancy invests herself in the lives of sixth graders this year. She is a classroom aide at HCS where both our children attend. Although Nancy has received her New Hampshire teaching certificate, in order to be present at night for the family, she chooses a job she can leave behind when she returns home at night. Nancy has become more involved in our local church, which has recently moved from Concord to Loudon . . . 15 minutes further away! She just completed directing the music for the Childrenís Christmas Musical. It was fantastic!

Dan is working to blend together the various aspects of his job as a camp director and as a minister on the New England District. Construction projects continue at the camp, as well as year round retreats and summer camps. Staff changes in the coming year promise new challenges. Dan also serves as an instructor for Reynolds Institute, the training arm for pastors on the New England District.

Miss Tush, our Upstate New York cat, transitioned well to New Hampshire. She has been joined by a fellow feline, Rascal. He is a mess. We are hoping he mellows out before we are forced to remove him from the premises.

We are finding our neighborhood to be a delight. We have made many friends in Henniker and enjoy the time we can spend with the parents of our kidís friends. Although life is far too fast paced, we like looking out at night at great pine trees and smelling the clean air. We did learn that a mother bear and her cubs spent the night about 50 feet from our driveway this fall. We wish we had seen that.

We have been blessed to have many visitors this past year. We have a nice guest room that we maintain just for that purpose. Having lived in so many different areas, our lives have been enriched by the good friends we have enjoyed across the years. If you have been thinking you should visit New Hampshire, please start making plans to come!

We give praise to God for His incredible blessings this past year! We are happy to report that Nancyís father is in better health than ever, having completed chemotherapy and recovered from the removal of a cancerous tumor on his liver. God has kept us safe over many highway miles this year, between long commutes to Concord for church and grocery shopping and Danís speaking trips across New England. We have been blessed with a wonderful family who does a great deal to support us. ďSurely the boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places for us!Ē

We pray Godís blessings for you in the year ahead. We hope that you will know the shalom of God and will enjoy the peace that comes from living in harmony with his creation.

Blessings in Christ,

Greg, Jon, Nancy, and Dan Whitney; Tush and Rascal, too.



Happy Holidays!






The Coves 12/03

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Lisa Cove wants everyone to know that she has been very active on the editorial board of the Democrat and Chronicle Newspaper in Rochester, New York this year.  She is hosting their web log (now you know what a BLOG is) from February 17th through March 17th.  It is a daily entry log which expresses many of her opinions and concerns.  Check it out by clicking on the link and get to know Lisa better.  Perhaps you share a lot of her opinions.  Click on this link to access the Democrat and Chronicle web site.  Lisa will be posting items up through March 17th.  You can also read more about her on the Board of Contributors section for 2003.



The Cove Boys

- Christmas 2002 -


Double-click on picture to view full size.

Chris and Lisa Cove on Newbury Street in Boston, MA.


The Cove's



Dick and Christopher with Alexander, Zachery, and Matthew



Christopher and Dick with the Twins and Dick holding Matthew


Proud Granddad, Dick Cove (with Matthew)!




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