Here are pictures of Raymond's and Margaret's 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Enjoy!

50th Wedding Anniversary Pictures!


Raymond and Margaret with 

Raymond's Sisters, Nita, Lois and Beulah

Raymond and Margaret with 

Margaret's Brothers and their Wives



Margaret with her Brothers

The Happy Couple


There's More!



Brenda Gardner with

Raylene Ludgate

Stephen and Brenda Gardner



Brenda Gardner, Beulah Griffes,

and Dawnita Ames

Diane Gardner and

Bruce Anderson



Gloria and Bob Parsons

Mike and Raylene Ludgate



Nita Ames and Ellen Gardner

Teresa Vasko and Diane Gardner



Teresa and John Vasko

Walter and Ruth Wynn

(Ruth is Raymond's cousin on

his mother's side [Aunt Celia's Daughter])





Nita Ames and Paul Gardner



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Raymond and Margaret Gardner and their 15 grandchildren June 10, 2000.   From left to right, starting from the back:  Will Jacobs holding Cailin O'Toole, Deanna Gardner, Raymond Gardner, Margaret Gardner, Katrina Parsons holding Megan Ludgate, Robyn Parsons holding Stephen Jacobs, Kayla Gardner, Bryan Ludgate, Nathaniel Jacobs, Andrew Gardner, Edwin Parsons, Angela Gardner, Margaret Jacobs holding Devlin McCarthy


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