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Here is my page on The Gardner Newsletter Family Web Site!

By logging onto this page often, you can check my progress and see the pictures that my parents and grandparents post.


Please click on the link below to see pictures of my 6th birthday party!


With any luck the above URL will take you to some pictures and videos of Tara's sixth birthday. Most of the pictures were taken at the Bowl and Skate arena in Lynnwood, WA where the party was held. The party goers enjoyed roller skating before having pizza and cake. After the party, Tara, Vickie, Ron, Lena (a Chinese orphan adopted by one of Annie's friends) and Annie come to our place where Tara opened her many presents. Later, we watched some old movies that Gerry and I took back in 1962 and '63. The girls did not watch much of the movies. They played with Tara's new presents.

Before the party in Lynnwod, Tara had a party at her Chinese school and another party in her kindergarten classroom.


Here are some pictures of Vickie and me at our ballet recital in the spring of 2009!

(Click on the image to see it full-sized.)



Here I am at my 5th birthday party on November 6, 2008!



To see other pictures of my birthday party, please click on this link:  http://picasaweb.google.com/claytong9/20081108#



Ron and his new girl friend, Annie, and Annie's daughter, Vickie, come almost every Friday for a visit and an evening meal.  Tara and Vickie get along real well.

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Ron and Annie Tara and Vickie Tara and Vickie Tara and Vickie Tara and Vickie


Here are more recent pictures.  These were taken between February 20 and May 15, 2006, so I am 25 to 28 months old!




(Click on me to see the picture full size.)


Here I am at 4-5 months old.  Click on the image to see the pictures full size.


Tara Le Gardner at six months.


Stay tuned for more pictures!


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