All Through the Years

Teresa Gonzalo

Born:  August 5, 1976

Here she is at one month!

Here is Teresa at 3 months.  This is her baptismal picture.

At 6 months, Teresa is already learning how to ride a pony!

Here she is at 8 months old in her carriage enjoying the California sunshine.

Here is a great picture of Teresa in the first grade.  This was taken during the 1982-1983 school year.

In May 1984, Teresa made her First Holy Communion in the Catholic Church.

Here is a good photo of Jean and her children taken in the early 1980s.  Clockwise, starting from top center is Mike Gibbs, Ron Gibbs, Ricky Gibbs, Jean Gonzalo, Teresa Gonzalo, and Tom Gibbs


In 1985, when Teresa was 9 years old, she and Jean visited Paul who was living in Brookline, Massachusetts at the time.  They also came to visit Jean and Paul's mother, who was living in Hudson, Massachusetts.  Here are a few pictures of that visit.

Teresa and Jean posing by the statute of legendary Boston Pops conductor, Arthur Fiedler.  This picture was taken along Boston's Esplanade.

Teresa hamming it up with some historic figure who presides over a park bench near Post Office Square in Boston.

Teresa praying in the church garden at the Italian North End in Boston.

Teresa relaxing in bed at Paul's house.


Teresa plays tennis really well.  Here she is with some of her team mates.

Here is a picture of all Jean's children taken in 1991.  From right to left:  Ricky, Ron, Mike, Tom and Teresa.

Having your first car is a milestone in everyone's life.  Here Teresa seems to have fallen in love with hers.

In the late 1990's Teresa's grandparents (who live in Spain) visited Jean and Miguel at the ranch in Bakersfield.  Here they all are.  From left to right:  Jean, Baudilio, Miguel, Estelita, and Teresa.


Because Miguel is the foreman of a large dairy, for several years Teresa showed her cows (sponsored by the 4-H Club) at the Kern County Fair.  She has won quite a bit of money with her prize-winning cows.  Here are some pictures of her rewarding efforts.


Teresa - 4-H 1991 Teresa - 4-H 1994

Teresa - 4-H 1995


As you all know, Jean (being a true Gardner) loves to travel, so here are some vacation shots of Miguel, Jean, and Teresa on vacation in 1991.


There are a lot of August birthdays in Jean's family.  Here is a photo of the "birthday people" in 1995.

Teresa (19), Kevin (1) [Ron's little boy], Cristina (4) [Ricky's daughter] and Liz Gibbs [ Ricky's wife].


Teresa Today!

Teresa with her brother, Mike Gibbs.

Teresa, with her parents, Jean and Miguel Gonzalo

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