In the wake of the terrorist bombing of New York's World Trade Center, I think the best course of action the U.S. should take is:

    Pursue justice, trying to avoid seeking revenge.  This is a great time to build world consensus on eradicating terrorism in every expression.

    I hope we will candidly address our part in creating "Muslim vs. West" tensions, and work to resolve that even while we work to bring terrorists to justice.

I am coping and dealing with this national tragedy (along with my family and friends) by ...

    Meeting and talking with friends.  I attended a town meeting of civic leaders.  I held a prayer vigil.  I am praying for wisdom and discernment for our leaders.

Here is how I think my life will change going forward from this event:

   Overall, very little.  But I think this will have an impact on my faith.  This is a JFK-like moment.  Something has been lost, but I think it was always an illusion.  We have "felt" secure, safe in our homes.  I don't believe we ever were, but now the illusion has been shattered.



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