In the wake of the terrorist bombing of New York's World Trade Center, I think the best course of action the U.S. should take is:

    To use law enforcement means to identify, apprehend and punish the terrorists and their backers, not the military.

    The US should also export our ideas of freedom, religious tolerance, and fair treatment of all, along with the commercial trading, in the future.  Obviously, the terrorists thought our gods were commerce (WTC)  and the military (Pentagon); we need to let the world know what our real god is.

I am coping and dealing with this national tragedy (along with my family and friends) by ...

   ... praying.  I also have written to President Bush.  I also keep abreast of the news.

Here is how I think my life will change going forward from this event:

    I think I will feel twinges of insecurity when flying, and when gathering in large public groups.  I also think I will have to fight against discrimination of Middle Eastern peoples within myself.



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