WELCOME! This page is dedicated to Grandpa Gardner's Lang connection, Bert and Amy Lang, their children, Earl, Edith, and Edna, Grandpa's half-siblings.




The Lang-Johnson-Eggleston Connection




This page of The Gardner Newsletter web site is devoted to the descendants of William Henry Gardner's half-sisters, Edith and Edna Lang.  Edith married Ed Johnson.  Their daughter, Sandra, and their son's wife, Janice, (Arthur Johnson has passed way - see the article below) are honorary subscribers to the newsletter.  Arthur and Sandra's children are also subscribers.

We hope all members of  "The Lang/Johnson/Eggleston Connection" will send in articles and pictures to the newsletter so that we can post them to this page.  The Johnson's and Gardner's have enjoyed a very close relationship for generations and we hope that this page will help all the Gardner friends and family to keep abreast of what's happening in that branch of the family.

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Christmas dinner with the Desimone's - 2018

Here is a great "tongue-in-cheek" Christmas letter to everyone from Cindy Eggleston, who lives in Sanbornville, NH and is Edna Lang Eggleston's granddaughter.

December 11, 2018
Hello and Merry Christmas!
As usual, I hope this finds you well and happy. It has been an interesting year for me. In February, after starting work on the 41st Scamp show, I contracted a "flu-like" virus that put me in the hospital with "cryptogenic cardiomyopathy," a 50 cent word that means "your heart is messed up and we don't know why." I have recovered from a cardiac standpoint, but was weak enough that I had to turn the show over to the participants for the first time ever. The young woman who took over did an excellent job (with me coming back late in the game as a producer) but she ruffled some feathers of the other kids, and so the fate of the program is questionable for this coming spring. The only definite is that I would prefer to continue to be in the background - it was sooo much easier!
The good that came out of this was finding out that I have a pretty good support group. Several people rallied to feed cats (one of them inadvertently shutting off the furnace in an attempt to find a light switch) and two of my Scamp veterans kept me shoveled out as we immediately had two back-to-back storms as soon as I was home from the hospital. I had many visitors and food dropped off and felt very pampered and cared for. I consider it a blessing that I found this all out as a result of getting sick. I would prefer to not repeat the incident, but it definitely had a silver lining.
The other notable development this year was an abundance of chipmunks, many of whom never quite got the memo that some of their burrow doorways - the ones that opened into my outdoor cat enclosure - should have been closed up and sealed. Consequently, my crew managed to take out 23 chippies, only seven of which I was able to rescue. The rest ended up in pieces on the rug. I had to keep reminding myself that "I do love cats, I do love cats ...."
Talkative Rosie and Terrorist Olivia led the massacres most days; but on one occasion, Big Brody brought one in and deposited him, very much alive and running loose in the dining room. What ensued was kind of a cross between a rodeo and a cattle stampede, as all able-bodied cats - six of the seven - gave chase, up and over chairs and under bookcases, with mom also in hot pursuit, trying to capture a very unlucky critter before his luck completely ran out. The posse ran him into the bathroom, which gave me the opportunity to evict all of them and close the door so that I could focus on corralling Mr. Chips. In his panic, he hopped into the tub, which was great, because it has a sliding glass door that closes and creates an inescapable space - or so I thought. I climbed into the tub and shut the door and calmly approached the gasping rodent with my trusty towel. At that point, he decided to make a run for it, ducking into the only cover he could see, which was my open pantleg!
Up he went, stopping only when he encountered the snugged area of the waistband, where he began searching for an opening to the tunnel that had suddenly become a cave. I had a moment of panic myself. Then I realized all I needed to do was close my hands around the squirming lump and hobble, hunched over like a crazed Quasimodo, out into the backyard. When I got there and peeled back the waistband, I discovered that he had managed to get under my t-shirt, and was beginning to get a bit frantic in his search for freedom. For a brief moment, I thought I would have to do an impromptu striptease right out in the open; but, in a sudden burst of cooperation, I peeled back the cloth as Chippy saw daylight and he was off into the bushes. "I do love cats, I do love cats ...."
None of the other rescues were nearly so interesting, but this one was one for the books, and I thought a good choice for a holiday letter. Other than wrangling prey and keeping everyone fed and medicated (that would be both cats and me) I am still playing the organ, directing the vocal choir, and accompanying the bell choir at church, and looking for ways to stay healthy.
I hope this year brings peace to all, and the craziness in the world becomes a little saner. Even more, I hope you and all you love have the best Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Here's to 2019!
Love, Cindy.

The Baraw Grandchildren - 2018

Richard Maynard Baraw
September 18, 1934 - January 27, 2018

Dick Baraw’s connection to the Gardner family is a long and storied one. Sandra Johnson Baraw, Dick’s wife, is part of the Lang-Johnson-Eggleston connection. Sandra’s mother was Edith Lang Johnson, who was Grandpa Gardner’s half-sister.

Richard Maynard Baraw, a lifelong resident of Newport, Vermont died peacefully on January 27, 2018 at North Country Hospital. Richard was born in Hancock, Vermont on September 18, 1934.

Richard is survived by his loving wife, Sandra, of 56 years. He is also survived by his devoted children Douglas Lang Baraw and wife Elizabeth of Melrose, Massachusetts and Jodi Lynn Desimone and her husband Joseph, of Pottstown, Pennsylvania. He was also the adored grandfather of Meghan, Katey, Michael, Matthew, Ryan, and Alissa. Richard was preceded in death by his parents Harold and Florence (Maynard) Baraw, his brother Harold Baraw, his sister Penny Marier, and his brother-in-law Real Marier. He is survived by his loving sister Janice Colt and her husband Dale of West Lebanon, New Hampshire and sister-in-law Darlene Baraw of Derby Line, Vermont. He had many nieces, nephews and cousins.

Richard was very involved and loved by his family and community. It was not uncommon for him to see a former student while running errands in town who showed great admiration and respect for his teaching ability. Two of Richard’s redeeming qualities were that he was always fair minded and very compassionate.

Richard was very community minded in the city of Newport. He served as a Zoning Board member and Chairman for 19 years. He also served as the Mayor of Newport for 2 years, as Alderman for 16 years, and as a member of the Hospital Board for 12 years. Recently, he was surrounded by his immediate family at North Country Hospital as his fellow hospital board colleagues honored his service. He beamed with appreciation for this recognition.

Richard graduated from Newport High School in 1953. He also attended the University of Vermont and graduated in 1960 with a Bachelor of Science in Education and minor in Political Science and Psychology. He was a member of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. Richard was also inducted into the Orleans and Northern Essex Athletic Hall of Fame in 2015. He enjoyed playing Varsity baseball and football in school.

After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and served during the Korean War. He was stationed in the Taiwan and worked in army security and dealt with communications and intelligence. Richard was a member of the American Legion and was proud to be a Veteran.

Immediately after college graduation, Richard came back to Newport High School to teach history and then later he taught at North Country High School. He became a Customs Agent in 1970 and retired in 1996.

He enjoyed meeting his friends for coffee at Maplefields Convenience Store. Richard was a wonderful conversationalist and his kindness and genuine interest in others were attributes that were greatly enjoyed by others. Richard attended Morgan United Church and enjoyed the Christian fellowship. He accepted Jesus as his Savior and lived his life as a Christian in all that he did.

Richard will be deeply missed by his family and community.

A special thank you to the Orleans Essex VNA for their care of Richard.

A funeral service was held on Saturday, February 10th, 2018 at 1:00pm at the Morgan United Church in Morgan, VT. Rev. Michael DeSena officiated the service.

Military Honors were provided by the Vermont Army National Guard.

Interment will be at the convenience of the family in the spring.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Morgan United Church, P.O. Box 234, Morgan, VT, 05853.

Online condolences may be shared at www.curtis-britch.com

Dick Baraw and his wife, Sandra
Dick Baraw and his daughter, Jodi Desimone
Dick receiving an award from the trustees of the hospital
Son Doug Baraw, Dad Dick Baraw, Daughter Jodi Baraw, and Mom Sandra Baraw

My Dad went home to be with the Lord on January 27, 2018 at around 11:15 a.m. I will miss him so much. God gave me the gift of a few more days to see him this week. We really thought he was going to pass away last weekend, but he fought back and was even released from the hospital for a short period of time.

I am just so thankful God allowed me a little extra time to make the long trip up to northern Vermont to see him. We all got the opportunity to be together as a family one last time. Doug and I took Dad on a short car ride around Newport and we talked about all of the things that Dad wanted us to remember about his growing up years. I was able to make him his favorite meal, "spaghetti and meatballs", and Dad was just so happy to be home and we were happy to be reunited as a family again. We all didn't know that it would be the last time. The next day Dad had a lot of breathing difficulties and he was taken to the hospital.

He was taken care of by a former student he had in school. Dad was a wonderful teacher and the "Best Dad" a girl could ever have. My last moment with him was on Thursday night (2 days before he died). As I got up to say goodbye to him I rubbed his head. He told me how soft my hands were. I told him he was the "Best Dad Ever" and with all of his strength he said back to me, "Best Daughter Ever." Mom was next to me and we both cried. Dad said, "Don't cry." I leaned over and kissed him as my tears flowed and said, "I Love you Dad" and he said "I Love you Jodi." What a legacy Dad has left of being humble and kind, yet so amazing. I am comforted to know he is at peace. I will love you Dad forever. Thank you for "everything."

Love - Your daughter forever.

Love, Dick and Sandy Baraw

The Desimone Family's Christmas 2017 Newsletter


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The Desimone Family's Christmas 2016 Newsletter

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Here are Aunt Edith and Aunt Edna in the early 1980s. Earl and Dixie had just been married and they went to visit all of Earl's siblings (the Original Gang of Ten) as well as Grandpa Gardner's half sisters. The newly married Dixie took this snapshot of the Lang sisters.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Desimone family!

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Merry Christmas from Sandy and Dick Baraw and their Grandchildren- 2013


Merry Christmas from the Desimone Family - 2012

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Sandy and Dick with Grandchildren
Sandra and Dick Baraw and their grandchildren

Merry Christmas

Love, Sandy and Dick

Merry Christmas
from our home to yours

Enjoy the magic of the Holidays!

The Johnson Family,
Aidan, Hollis, Beth and Dan
~ 2012 ~


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BEFORE and AFTER Pictures of Lang Gravestones  (August, 2010)  (Click on the image to see it full-sized)



Happy Holidays to you!

May you be blessed with peace and joy this Christmas season.

Love, Sandy and Dick

The Baraw Grandchildren 2009:  Michael, Meghan, Alissa, Matthew, Katey and Ryan  (Click on the picture to see it full-size.)



Merry Christmas from the Desimone's

The Desimone Family Newsletter - 2009


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Richard A. Colburn, Sr., Curator of the Charleston Museum, has spearheaded an effort to clean and repair the Lang markers in the Buck and Hillside Cemeteries.  Here are some pictures of the stones under consideration for that process.  If you would like to contribute toward this worthwhile endeavor, please send a check to Richard A. Colburn, Sr., P.O. Box 46, East Charleston, VT  05833.  (Click on the thumbnail to see a larger size.)




Jacob Lang,Buck Cemetery

Sarah Lang, Samuel Lang, Buck Cemetery

Lara Belle Lang, Buck Cemetery

Frank B. Lang, Hillside Cemetery





Jodi and Joe Desimone sent The Gardner Newsletter the very first issue of their family newsletter.  Here it is!  Jodi is Sandra and Richard Baraw's daughter


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December 3, 2007


Merry Christmas!

This has been a good year,  but sad as I lost my brother in 2006 on Veterans Day.  He had emphysema.  The family got together this last summer to spread his ashes over Lake Memphremagog.  Arthur loved the lake and  that was his wish.  Just recently, Arthur's wife bought a condo in Holden, MA.  She is near one of her sons.

We spent about three weeks in our son's home in Gloucester, MA during the month of May.  We enjoyed our stay a great deal.  It is a beautiful place.  You can look out on the Annisquam River which leads into the ocean.  Doug and family spend their summers there.

We spent Thanksgiving with our daughter and family this year.  She lives in Pottstown, PA.  Our son, Doug and family also came.  It was a nice time of family fellowship.  We enjoy having all the grandchildren together (all six of them).

Doug and Betty and the girls will be coming here for Christmas.  They enjoy skiing and I am sure there will be plenty of snow.  We are off to a good start!


Jesus came to bring salvation, hope and peace.  May you be blessed this Christmas!



Sandy and Dick


December, 2006


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Happy Holidays!

Our newest little bundle of joy was born in October.  Our daughter Jodi and husband Joe gave us this new grandchild.

Thanks for your kind remarks about Arthur.  We are going to miss him.

Sandy and Dick



Reprinted from The Newport Daily Express

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

W. Townsend, MA - Arthur E. Johnson, 75, of Battery Road in Townsend, MA died Saturday, November 11, 2006 at the Health Alliance Leominster Hospital; he was the husband of Janice (Chance) Johnson.

Born in Newport VT on October 23, 1931, a son of Edward A. and Edith (Lang) Johnson, Arthur had resided in Townsend for the last 22 years; and prior to that, he lived in Groton for 18 years.  He worked as a technical writer for Digital for approximately 25 years until his retirement in 1991.

Arthur is survived by his wife, Janice (Chance) Johnson; two sons; Edward Johnson and his wife, Lisa, of Worcester, and Daniel Johnson and his wife, Mary Beth, of Hanson, MA; one sister, Sandra Baraw of Newport, VT; three grandchildren; Jazmine, Colin and Aidan Johnson; two nephews: Douglas Baraw and Thomas Chance and two nieces; Jodi DeSimone and Rebecca Hunt.

Check out this e-mail from Arthur Johnson sent to Paul on February 24, 2006.


Checked out the new “Lang/ Johnson” web page. I suggest that it be renamed the Lang/Johnson/Eggleston” page to be complete.

I notice that the info in the latest newsletter introducing the page got a little garbled.

 “Edith and her husband, Arthur Johnson,…….. should read “Edith and her husband, Edward Johnson,”…….. 

 You painted a familiar picture of my pipe-smoking dad (Edward). He never did light up that thing unless he was content, and then nothing seemed to faze him. Dad was a railroad man who made good money in those days up in Northern Vermont. He went to work at age 15 on the section gang (which laid track and was extremely hard work), and he retired exactly 50 years later at 65. I’ve been told that when he retired he was one of the best locomotive engineers to have ever worked there. He never really looked back. I think he secretly hated the damn railroad.

 I read your account of your overnight stay in Newport with interest because I too remember those clean crisp sheets my mother kept on the beds. There is nothing like clean, crisp sheets to give one a feeling of security.

 My sister has put together a book of poems that our mother (Edith) wrote. The book has a great picture of Will standing together Edith and Edna that is just a classic. There is also a little poem that Mom wrote to Will for his 90th birthday among other things. I’ll ask Sandra to send you a book if she has any left. If not, maybe I or she can e-mail you some stuff.


 Arthur Johnson

You have probably received the Spring 2006 issue of The Gardner Newsletter by now.  The articles about the Clyde River have stirred up a few memories from our subscribers.  Gloria Parsons, Raymond and Margaret Gardner's daughter, remembers:

"As usual you did a great job with the newsletter. I like the story, Clyde River Memories and the information about Dam #11. Good to hear the Salmon are starting to come back. One of my early memories was watching fish jump up the river. There were tons of them. Grandpa brought Dad, Steve and I. Maybe the rest of the family too I don't remember. I don't know how old I was. I think we were in Orleans. There was a huge building and of course the falls. When I saw that place years ago, after we bought the place at Willoughby, it brought the memory back. I think that was where we were at the time. The building is now gone."

Arthur Johnson, of the Lang-Johnson-Eggleston Connection, writes:

"Congratulations on the Clyde River article. How do you mange to do the great research?

 I had forgotten the Clyde flowed through the old homestead. Will used to trap that river for furs as well as fish it. My mother and Edna (especially) were always appalled by the trapping he did, which by nature is really brutal. However, I suppose the furs were a source of income for Will.

 As a kid, I remember the salmon fishing that went on mostly on the old railroad bridge beside the train station. People would be lined up side-by-side, getting their lines tangled, and sometimes hooking some poor boob walking behind them when they tried to cast. It was quite an event. I seem to remember that fish 20 to 25 pounds would get caught occasionally. Everyone would clear out on either side until the fish was landed.

 Keep up the good work."


 Christmas, 2005

(Click on the pictures to see them full size.)

Aidan - Christmas, 2004

Aidan Johnson - Christmas 2005

Aidan is Edith Johnson (Lang)'s great grandson.  He is 22 months old and shows every indication that he is cut from the Johnson/Lang mold.

Thanks for the newsletter.  I especially like the stories of how it was like on the farm all those years ago.

I find it very interesting how my family made it through those hard winters with the most powerful piece of equipment being a horse.

Keep those good stories and the newsletter coming.

Daniel Lang Johnson

Dear Friends and Family,

This has been an interesting year.  Our daughter, Jodi and her husband, Joe, are the parents of a baby boy, Michael Joseph.  He was born January 29, 2003.  I went down to help for a few weeks as Jodi had to go back to work earlier than she had planned.  It was fun taking care of a baby.  Dick made several trips to Pennsylvania to visit all of us.

The christening for Michael was in May.  The godparents were Jodi's brother, Doug, and Joe's sister, Carol.  It was a nice time for all.

Now, in March, Dick was voted in as mayor of Newport.  This is a two year term and he enjoys it very much.  He also works on a Work Force Development Committee.  This is a group that is working on a proposal for a new structure for a career center.  This will be designed for hands-on technical education.

I keep busy with many projects that never got done while I was working.  I sing in the church choir and attend events with Dick as Mrs. Mayor.  One of the last events was the 50th anniversary celebration of the Nazarene Church here in Newport.  One thing that was interesting was that my Uncle Will helped saw the wood for the pine walls that they have in the church.  My cousin's son, Leonard Griffes and family, attend this church.  We were pleased to meet the present minister and his wife and the first minister, Rev. Cyril Palmer.  He is now about 80 years old.

In July, we went up to Wells Beach in our pop-up camper.  We met our son, Doug, and his wife, Betty, and their girls, Meghan and Katey.  We spent a few days together and had fun at the ocean.

In September, we visited Jodi and Joe.  Then we went on to the Jersey shore.  We enjoyed the ocean and visited Cape May, which has many interesting shops.  Our campground was not so great.  They had very cold showers!

Our biggest project this year was to have a new roof.  So, we shouldn't have to worry about leaks for a long time.

Doug and Betty hosted Thanksgiving this year.  My brother, Arthur, and his wife, Janice, and their family all came.  Their son, Danny, and his wife, Beth, are expecting their first child in March.  Their son, Ed, and his wife, Lisa, had just adopted a baby boy.  Their daughter, Jazmine, was very excited and proud.

Now we are getting ready for Christmas.  Our children and grandchildren will all be here.  I'm sure they will get a little skiing in.

Our granddaughters are into sports.  Meghan, who is in the 6th grade, played soccer and is playing basketball this winter.  Doug is her coach.  Katey played T-ball and soccer.  She enjoys swimming and dancing lessons.  Last year Meghan did lap swimming.

God has been good to us this year.  We both seem to be in good health for which we are very thankful.

Christmas is Jesus.  The spirit of Christmas comes in two parts.  The spirit of love and the spirit of joy.  This spirit of Christ surrounds both of these.  May He be born truly and forever in all human hearts today.

Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christian Love.

Sandy and Dick Baraw


Christmas Greetings from the Baraw's

(The Baraw's are cousins of Cindy Eggleston on Sandra's mother's side.)

Christmas 2002

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Christmas has a wonderful message.  Jesus said, "I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me ... will have the light of life."  We always go into Christmas with a mixture of joy and sorrow.  We rejoice to be with our family, but have memories of our loved ones who have gone to be with the Lord.  Dick lost his brother this year which was very hard for all of us.  His wife, Darlene, and two of their children live near us.

We will be visiting our children for Christmas this year.  Our son, Doug, and his wife, Betty, live in Melrose MA.  Our daughter, Jodi, and her husband Joe, live in Pottstown, PA.  We plan to visit Doug and then travel on to see Jodi.  Jodi and Joe are expecting their first child in February.  It will be our third grandchild, so we are very excited.

Doug and Betty have two children, Megan - age 10 - and Katey - age 4.  Meghan plays soccer and basketball.  She also plays the trumpet, like her daddy did.  Katey goes to pre-school and takes dancing lessons.  They both take swimming lessons and they do a lot of skiing together as a family.

We spent Thanksgiving weekend with Doug and Betty and had Thanksgiving dinner with Betty's sister and family.  It was a very nice day for all of us.  On our way home we hit a moose on the left front side our our car.  The moose fell back on the whole left hand side and did a great deal of damage.  He broke the windshield and his antlers scratched the top of the car.  A few more seconds and it would have been in our windshield.  God was watching over us and we praise Him for it.

My brother, Arthur, and his wife, Janice, live in West Townsend, MA.  Arthur had cataract surgery which was very successful.

Dick had to take 33 radiation treatments for a basal cell carcinoma on his ear.  Surgery was not recommended as it would cause deformity to his ear.  The treatments were very successful.  During his treatments he developed a slipped disk.  He thought he would be headed for surgery, but it healed itself.  He is now back to good health.

Dick and I are now both retired.  Dick keeps busy serving on the council in Newport.  He plans to run for Mayor in the spring.

Last year our children planned a 40th wedding anniversary at the home of our son, Doug.  We enjoyed lobster and steak - a special treat!  In the fall, we took a trip across the United States in our pop-up camper.  It was a delightful trip.  We enjoyed visiting my cousins, Clayton Gardner, and his wife, Gerry.  One of the sights we saw was the Grand Canyon.  It is one of God's great beauties - a breathtaking sight.

Our minister and his wife, Mike and Dina DeSena, had twins this year - a boy and a girl.  They have a little boy who just turned two.  We are blessed to have them in the church and to have their ministry among us.

My you have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Sandra and Dick

Edna Eggleston's Original Paintings

Clyde River and Ball Mountain, Clyde River, and Flowers Still Life

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