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Come Visit us at the Dairy!

Jean and Miguel




Here are Earl and Dixie in the early 1980s.
Right after they married, they went on a cross country trip
to introduce Dixie to Earl's siblings (the Original Gang of Ten).


Click on the picture to the right to see a video of Jean Gonzalo's and Paulette Heguilustoy's trip to see the fall foliage in New England.


Here are a few pictures of Kevin Gibbs' visit to Boston on June 6, 2019. The pictures are of Kevin (Jean's grandson) his wife, Macie, Macie's parents and her brother. Click here:

Sofia Angulo's First Holy Communion - 2019

Sofia Angulo with Grandma Liz Grandma Liz, Sofia Angulo, Great Grandma Jean  
Great Grandma Jean and Sofia Angulo Sofia Angulo  

We are all doing well over here. Kai works in the oil industry and the summer is always a busier time of year for him. Sofia is almost finished with school (2nd grade), Matthew is turning 2 (May 30) and Nathan will be 4 months old in a few days (22). Matthew has started talking more but he is very shy and quiet just like his dad. Nathan recently started rolling from his back to his stomach. Sofia is taking swim lessons this summer; unfortunately there is no summer school this year so I will try my best to keep her mind occupied. Our house has been on the market for a month now. I’m starting to get discouraged but with the start of the summer, I’m hoping that will bring us a buyer. 

Cristina Angulo

  Kai Angulo holding Matthew Angulo; Cristina Angulo holding Nathan Angulo; Laurie Gibbs; Sofia Angulo; Liz Gibbs; Emily Gibbs  

Even More Babies!

Cristina and Kai's Matthew Angulo - 03/03/19 Cristina and Kai's Nathan Angulo - 02/22/19 - One month old

Jean and Miguel Gonzalo are great grandparents again!

To the left is Matthew Kai Angulo. His parents are Kai and Cristina Angulo. Cristina is the daughter of Jean's oldest boy, Rick.

To the right is Carter Gibbs. His parents are Cameron and Dianne Gibbs. Cameron is the son of Jean's youngest boy, Ron.

  Sofia Angulo-4 Years Old-Sept 2015

Emily Marie Gibbs (daughter of Rick and Liz Gibbs, and granddaughter of Jean and Miguel Gonzalo) graduates from high school on May 28, 2015


Here is a video of Kai's and Cristina's FABULOUS wedding!

Click on Kai's and Cristina's picture to download a video of their wedding.

Are you using a "Mac" computer? Click here instead to view the video.




Hello Uncle Paul,

Here is a picture from Laurie. She still remembers who you are. Laurie turned seven on April 1. She is in the first grade. She also is doing karate on Saturdays. Emily is 16 and she is on the swimming team at her school. Cristina is 21 and she is taking care of Sofia who is 2. They are all doing fine and say hello. Rick is working on my bathroom. I hope you are fine. Let me know when you get this letter. Say hi to Uncle Raymond. I have not heard from him in a long time.

Love, Liz



Happy 21st Birthday to Cameron Gibbs!

Jean's husband, Miguel, sons Ron and Rick, toast Jean's grandson and Ron's son, Cameron, on his 21st birthday!



Merry Christmas from Dixie Spitler




Jean, Miguel and Teresa went to Spain in July 2012 to celebrate Miguel's parents' 70th wedding anniversary!  On their way back home, Jean and Miguel stopped in Boston to visit Paul.  To see some pictures of their visit with Paul click here.


Little Sofia - July 4, 2011

Baby Sofia Baby Sofia II Cristina, Sofia and Kai Grandma Liz and Sofia
Great Grandma Jean and Sofia Miguel and Sofia Rick Gibbs Family - July 4, 2011 Baby Sofia with Dad, Kai

Christmas 2010

Jeans, oldest son, Rick Gibbs, with his wife, Liz, and daughters Cristina, Emily and Laurie


Jean Gonzalo is a GREAT Grandmother

Sofia Angulo was born on on November 30, 2010.  Weight = 6 pounds and 15 ounces; length = 19.5 inches

Sofia with her Aunts, Laurie and Emily Sofia Angulo Sofia with New Grandad Rick Gibbs
Proud Grandparents:  Liz and Rick Gibbs Cristina, Sofia and Kai  GREAT'Grandmother Jean Gonzalo 

MORE pictures of little Sofia!


Jean's grandson, Cameron Gibbs, graduated from high school on June 2, 2010.  Here is Cameron's senior picture and his senior class invitation contributed by his dad, Ron Gibbs.  Click on the pictures to see them full size.


Jean's granddaughter, Cristina Gibbs, graduated from high school in June, 2009.  Here are a couple of her senior class pictures!

Click on the pictures to see them full-sized. 


(Click on the image to see it full size.  Please be patient while it downloads)

Michael Gibbs and his little Brussels Griffon, Sara

Hi, My name is Michael Gibbs. I'm the grandson of  Earl Gardner, one of the sons of Jean Gonzalo,  and nephew of Paul, who so kindly does this newsletter for the family.  This is a recent picture of me and my new dog, Sara. She is a six month old Brussels Griffon. This dog was originally imported from the U.K. where it was imported from Brussels, hence the name. She has a smooth coat and will weigh between 10-12 pounds when fully grown. They are not a delicate toy breed. They have sturdy legs and are very muscular.  They are typically one person dogs; but if socialized well as a puppy, they love everybody. Not typically a barking dog, they will let you know when someone is at your front door.  They are great apartment dogs because they do not require a great deal of exercise, although they love long walks. They have few medical problems. They do, however, get overheated easily because of their short noses.  They are best known for their "monkey faces" and wide set eyes with almost human-like expressions.  In general, the griffon is a happy, affectionate, and adaptable little dog who always loves his master or mistress most.  Of all the dogs I've owned, this is by far the sweetest.  I cant walk down the street without people telling me how cute she is. And I agree!  So, Sara is my pet. I think everyone should write Paul and tell the newsletter about his or her pet. I'm sure wed all like to see a picture. Thanks for your time, Michael Gibbs







________, 2007?

Dear RR,

Spring has sprung!  Yay!

Lois, I sure hope you are doing OK.  That was some fall!  You've really had a couple of bad years.  This year I pray is a good year for you - all year.

All of you are so busy.  it's wonderful to see a family as close as you are.

For those who don't know, my daughter - she went to Morocco for the last two years and spent ten days each time doing missionary work.  She found it very exciting and rewarding.  She lives in Boston and works for John Hancock.  She also nannies on weekends.  She is very happy and has two cats to care for.

Adele, yes, I do remember you!  What  a wonderful letter from Adele and Diane.  I enjoyed that a lot.  My prayers are with your mom.

Hey Raymond, I like the way you save on writing paper.  Pretty picture.  I'll get another card out to Margaret.

Speaking of weddings, I have another one coming up.  My granddaughter in Wisconsin is getting married on August 10th of this year.

They got me on the dance floor at the last wedding, and I don't know the first thing about dancing.  I had so much fun.

I have finally got my blood pressure down - after a long year and 13 changed prescriptions that didn't work.  Boy, do I feel good now - the best in a long time, yay!

That sudoku was neat.  I'm not real good, but I sure like to do them.  Gerry, I'm praying for you as I do for the whole Gardner Family.  Until next time.

Love and Prayers, Dixie

  The lost Round Robin returns home!




June 22, 2006

Dear RR,

Hurray, it's summer - a good time for all of you this year, we hope.  Clayton and Gerry have sure had their share of medical problems.  Hope everything is going well now and you enjoy life a lot more.

Sounds as if Rod and Irene are very busy with their family.  It's just great to unite and reunite, isn't it?

Lilla, thanks for letting your daughter fill in for you.  That way we don't lose track of things.  You must have grandchildren by now.  I got two new great grandchildren in February and June.  They are doing just fine.  I'll be 70 the 18th of October.

Oh, by the way, Raymond, the sudoku puzzles are my latest craze.  I do about one a day.  I work it in with "fill in the cross patches" and "wonder word."  I love doing them all.  We have been cutting a tree or two in our back yard and helping our neighbor with his empty lot next door.  That's almost work.  Ha! Ha!

Lois, I think all your bad luck has got to be over for the rest of the year.  You've had more than your share.  Besides my new babies, I went to my grandchildren's wedding in Chicago last weekend.  My goodness, what a wedding!  There was a big supper for the dress rehearsal.  Over 300 at the wedding; over two hundred at the reception with a steak dinner and all the trimmings.  Then dancing until midnight.  It started at 5:00 p.m.  The country club was fantastic - so beautiful.  Then they had a brunch at their parent's home the next morning (about 50 people) where they opened presents for over three hours, and that didn't include the envelopes!  It's the biggest wedding I ever saw.  I took the Amtrak up and back.  It was cheaper than driving, I think.  Also, quicker.  No traffic.  Ha!  Ha!

I was in the hospital for six days in the first week in February.  My heart was beating almost triple my normal heartbeat.  They put me on Coumadin.  I had a very bad reaction to it.  I was sick to my stomach so bad that I lost 11 pounds in one day.  I am fine now and since then they have taken away two blood pressure pills and all my diabetic medications.  Yesterday they took Coumadin away for a couple of months.  I am getting large bumps on my body.  They want to see what's causing that.  They are giving me patches for my blood pressure to help get it down.  Should be fine real soon.

We haven't had good luck fishing at all this year so far.  I don't know what the problem is.  Seems to be the same for other fishermen too.

Laura is leaving to go on a missions trip to Morocco.  Please pray for her.  She'll be there for 8 days.  Thanks.

Well, it's time to go to the post office, so I'll close for now.

Love to all,




Christmas, 2006


(Here are two pictures of little Laurie Ann Gibbs, daughter of Rick and Liz Gibbs.  Rick is Jean Gonzalo's oldest boy.  Click on the image to view it full size.)



Here is a picture of Jean Gonzalo's graduation from Taft College in May, 2006.  Congratulations, Jean!

(Click on the image to see a larger size version.)








Rick and Liz Gibbs on the birth of their daughter

~ Laurie Ann Gibbs ~

on April 1, 2006











November 28, 2005

Dear RR,


Hello, Hello, so glad to be with you once again.  It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone.  Where does time go??  We had a good Thanksgiving.  We went to Bruce's daughter's house.  She had a 20 pound turkey and a 20 pound ham.  She fixed 30 pounds of mashed potatoes plus all the other extras.  What a feed!


Clayton, my husband also has this high heart beat.  Had it since he was a child.  He was in the hospital the last of October for that.  He is doing OK now, which I am so thankful for.  They gave him a prescription for it.  Seems to be working OK.  What a scary week!


Thank you, Irene. I've never had someone wish me laugh wrinkles before.  I like that.


Lilla, I don't mind a small hold-up on your letters.  That just means time for extended news.  Please don't drop.


Raymond, it's people like you that keep us from getting flat tires.  I give you a big THANK YOU!! - and a dollar.  I haven't had a flat tire in ages.  Thanks again.  Ha. Ha.  I'm so glad Margaret is doing well.  She is cute anyway.  I just love her.  But the way, I see floaters in my eyes every once in awhile.  Must be about time to have a laser job done.  I'll have to have that checked out.  By the way, this dollar is for Raymond.


Beulah, there's never any grass growing under your feet is there?  I stay home a lot more than I used to with Earl.  I liked that travel time.  How is your new shop doing?  I sure wish you lots of good luck.


Ruth, I'm with you.  I'm beginning to feel my age (70 next birthday).  I hope I'm half as good as you in 20 more years.  You sure keep busy.  Is that your secret?


We have birds in our backyard all summer, plus the regular squirrels, rabbits, ground hogs, cats and dogs.  We see lots of deer near the woods of the big corn field in back of our house.


Hope your nose is healed well by now, Lois.  Darn that ice!


What do you think of this weather?  Isn't it something?  Those tornadoes have been so bad.  Hope this winter tones down a little.  Got to keep those heating bills down.


Well, I'll close for now.  Have to make a trip to the post office and check on some prescriptions arriving.


Love to all, praying for you,







June 23, 2005

Dear RR,


Wow, here it is again - full of news and welcome to get!  It is now summer; and from the looks of the weather, in full bloom.  We're to be in the 90s all this week.  It's pretty dry.  We could use some rain.


Just got back from the nationals bowling tournament.  Had the most wonderful time.  Didn't bowl very well, but that's over.  The trip will remain forever.


We saw two zoos, Oral Roberts University, six historic museums, went to the Oklahoma City Memorial (day and night).  It was awesome!  We also went to three ball parks, one football stadium, and an outdoor theater with a supper club and then we went to the Royals and Astros ball game.  We were gone eight days.  What a vacation!  I've not had one like that since I traveled with Earl.


My son has had another heart problem.  He ran out of medicine and didn't have enough money to get more, so he went without for two months.  He has been off two months and goes back to work next Monday.  We are buying his medicine now, so there is no problem.  I only hope the damage wasn't too severe.


Laura will be coming home for a visit soon.  I'll be so glad to see her.  She doesn't nanny anymore and has two jobs.  I don't hear from her as much and we don't talk on the phone near as much.  I really miss her.


Our church is hoping to get a chair lift for all the ones at church having trouble with stairs.  We have a lot of activities some can't attend.  May need some prayers on this.  Chair lifts are expensive.


We went fishing twice this week.  I caught 28 and 19, - not too good for this time of year.  Bruce is painting our boat today.  He is busy all the time keeping everything in A-1 shape.  He's going to paint the garage door and front overhang next week.  The family reunion will be coming soon.  I always enjoy them.


My daughter is getting married this Friday.  They want to go to Florida on their honeymoon.  I hope it works out for them.  Another daughter had a wreck on June 13th and totaled her car.  She was rear-ended twice by a chain reaction pile up.  She is still in therapy.  She had just started a new job in May.  She's  afraid she may not have a job if she's off much longer.  I know things will work out for the best no matter what happens.  God takes care of things.


I am catching up on letters today, so I'll close for now and talk at you later.


Love to all with prayers, Dixie


(Click on the picture to see it full size.)

Emily Gibbs, Jean's granddaughter, makes her first Holy Communion - May 28, 2005

Pictured Clockwise:  Cristina Gibbs, Liz Gibbs, Teresa Gonzalo, and Emily Gibbs





March 29, 2005

Dear RR,


So glad to hear from everyone as usual.  I do so look forward to all the letters.  Hey Clayton, I have lots of volleyball in my own family.  My grandson in Wisconsin got a full scholarship to go to Pepperdine College in California.  He played out there too.  His picture was in a magazine at college.  We were all proud.  I have as many Rxs as you, but two ailments.


I, too, surely miss Nita.  She always had a smile in her voice - the most pleasant person to meet.  I think "gracious" was her middle name - beautiful - inside and out!  I would sure like to have some of her recipes.  What a wonderful cook!  Umm.  Tell Dawn I am very proud of her.  She is doing so well.


Hope you are feeling better, Lilla.  It's hard to keep going when you are not feeling well.  I had the flu twice since January and I'm just now getting my strength back.  It's been a long winter.


We had my sister-in-law landscape the front of our house and all along the side around the front room.  I can hardly wait for all the tulips to come this spring.  I think she must have planted about 80-100 bulbs. The rest is plants, bushes and figurines.  It has a small wall around everything.  I love it.


Today is beautiful.  It is 65 degrees and supposed to be about 72 tomorrow.  The piles of snow are finally gone.  I'm so happy.


I didn't know Margaret was in a rest home.  I'll send her a card or letter soon.   She was always so nice to me, as are all of you.


It makes me feel so good to be included in the family still.  I love you all very much.  Raymond, take care of yourself.


I have a friend with what you have, Beulah.  She took a long time, but it seems to finally be doing OK.  I'll keep you in my prayers.


Oh, Ruth, do you still have the player piano I gave the family after Earl passed away?  Those piano rolls are worth some money by now.  They had a nice value to them when you got them.  I hope the family got a lot of enjoyment out of them.  I know I sure did in California.  Such wonderful memories!


My birthday is October 18, 1936.  I'll be 69 this year.  Thank you, Ruth.  You don't look anywhere near 90.  You are a classy lady as far as I am concerned.  We have had a lot of cars lost on the ice back here this winter, Lois.  Don't people realize that thin ice just holds so much?  Not good ice this winter at all.


We had to cancel church once in January because of snow.  Rough winter here as well as there.  I'm ready for spring this year.


We have our last weeks of bowling in April.  After that, we go to the state bowling tournament the last weekend of April.  Then no more until June when we go to Oklahoma City for Nationals.  I love bowling.  It's good exercise and I get to travel too.


Have lots of grandchildren's birthdays this month and next, - also in July and October.  It can take a toll on the budget.  Ha! Ha!.  They are all growing so fast.  It's been awhile since my last one.  Maybe everyone is on hold for awhile.  Oh-Oh, then will come great grandkids.  Help!  Ha. Ha.  Can hardly wait for the weather to break so we can go fishing.  We only have two packages left to tide us over.  We've never got this low before.  I gave quite a few to people at the church this year.  I guarantee we'll build up a bunch this summer.


Well, it is just about time to start supper, so I'd better scoot.  Talk at you next time.


Love to all and prayers,



Jean and Paul's Aunt Lillian Costa Avants passed away on March 23, 2005.  Jean was especially close to Aunt Lillian and visited her every time she came to Massachusetts.   A page has been set aside on this web site in her memory.  Lillian's son, Mervin T. Avants, Jr., has recorded a stirring account of the last days he spent with his mother.  Read his thoughts and comments by clicking here.   Lillian Avants was Paul and Jean's mother's sister.

Paul's 60th Birthday Party

Paul Gardner with his "cartoonish" look of complete surprise!

From Left to Right:  Hilda, Jean, Carol, Paul and Joyce

Six candles for each ten (10) years

Jean and Paul - November 2004

(Click on each picture to see it full-size.)


Christmas, 2004

Here is a Christmas picture of Warren and Eleanor Strong.  They live in Huntington Beach, California.  Eleanor is Jean and Paul's cousin.  She is the daughter of their mother's eldest sister, Mary.

Eleanor's brother, Richard, lives in Delray, Florida.  Here is the view from his back door!

(After clicking on the picture, please be patient while it downloads.)





October 1, 2004

Dear RR,

Hi, everyone.  Just got back from fishing.  Real slim day.  Only ten, but were a pretty nice size.  That will make a meal this fall, - I never get tired of them.  I am so happy for Clayton and Gerry, - another angel dropped off from heaven.  She is just a "loaner" you know.  God wants all His angels back, even when they live to be over a hundred.

My 10th great grandson was born in June.  How about some pictures of all these great weight losses!?  I haven't seen anyone for so long.  My son's wife and two children live in Cape Coral.  They had a small amount of damage from one storm, but they stayed for all three hurricanes, even if it was on the outskirts.  My sons-in-law went up to Georgia twice.  They had damage also, although very minor compared to lots of others.

I've misplaced my birthday list.  I'll be 68 this month, married six years - also on my birthday.  So Happy Birthday to everyone for this year!  What a wonderful family.  God bless the Round Robin.

Raymond, we lost our husky dog of 15 years last month.  It's really hard.  They are part of you and your family.  It's so empty in the back yard.  We miss Jake.  My mother had to help my step dad with those steps of walking on each other.  They would fall and just laugh.  It would take them sometime 1/2 hour just to get seated in his chair.  They were so cute.  I miss them too.  That's the only thing bad about getting older.  It's the loss of loved ones for a short while until we join them again.  Time goes by so fast.

Oh, Beulah, my prayers are with you and Don.  Please tell us soon that you are OK again.  Do you know what caused this to happen?  How are you doing, Ruth?  Are you still in Ohio?  Do you drive?  Lois, your surgery surely will help you.  You will be amazed.  I had both my eyes done in 2002.  I haven't had a bit of trouble since.  They did each eye six weeks apart.  It was a long process; but when I look back, it went pretty fast.  Three months total and worth every minute of it.  Good luck.

My one daughter and son-in-law divorced after being married 27 years.  It is so sad.  They have three children.  Something like that affects the whole family.  It takes a long time for healing.  My husband got a new truck last month.  It's nice.  It had been 1996 since he got one last.  The truck he traded in had less than 60,000 miles on it and still looked brand new.  The car dealer had three people that wanted it before we got ours off the lot.  My bowling is improving a little.  I'm in the 140s now.  I'll never see the 175 average again, but I'm just thankful I can bowl left-handed.

I made some grape jam about three weeks ago.  Our neighbor man gave us the grapes.  It sure was a treat.  Of course I made bread to sample it on.  We still have a few tomatoes and peppers left in the garden.  I gathered in all the onions last week.

We had planted two apple trees in July.  They weren't supposed to bear fruit this years.  Surprise!  One tree had twelve blossoms.  Then one cold night, all died but one.  We babied that one blossom and got one apple on our tree.  We tied the limbs so the apple didn't drag them down.  Last week I made one apple dumpling for my husband.  He said it was really good, so I took his word for it.  Anyway, it didn't last long after he started eating it.  Ha. Ha.

Well, it's almost time for the post office to close, so I'm signing off.

Love to all. Prayers for everyone.


Jean Gonzalo's Birthday Party

Doesn't two years fly by fast?!  It seems like yesterday when we celebrated Jean's 60th birthday.  Click here to see that event.  Jean's family celebrated her 62nd birthday this past June by taking her out to one of her favorite restaurants.  Click on the image to see it full size.

Clockwise:   Christina Gibbs, Teresa Gonzalo, Kevin Gibbs, Liz Gibbs, Jean Gonzalo, Ron Gibbs,  Tom GIbbs, Shanna GIbbs, Michael Gibbs, Emily Gibbs

Left to Right:  Kevin Gibbs, Shanna Gibbs, Tom Gibbs, Ron Gibbs, Michael Gibbs

Clockwise:  Christina Gibbs, Emily Gibbs, Teresa Gonzalo, Kevin Gibbs, Liz Gibbs, Jean Gonzalo, Rick Gibbs, Ron Gibbs, Shanna Gibbs, Michael Gibbs, Miguel Gonzalo, Tom Gibbs






March 14, 2004

Hello Everyone,

The RR arrived just two days ago and I saw my first robin of spring the same day.  Isn't that something?

We have had a long and chilly winter.  We had just replaced our furnace last September.  I know it saved us a bunch of money, as gas bills have increased so much this year.

I didn't get to do much ice fishing, as it was too cold and windy most of the time.  We did find one lake that wasn't used much and caught a couple hundred 8-10 blue gills.  They were so nice.  This was fishing about eight times over a two-month period.  I would like to make some jelly with those blackberries, Clayton.  I can relate to high water bills, too, Clayton.  They raised our rates 30%.  Now that's a big increase!  We even cut down on watering the garden.  Not hard to do, as we had more rain that we should have.  It ruined a lot of crops around here.

I don't know about food prices across the country, but here they are rising fast and staying there.

How are your gasoline prices?  Right now, ours bounce from $1.65 to $1.82 almost every week.  They go up and down like a yo-yo.

Oh, Nita, you are so sweet!  We just cannot believe how well you do with your ALS.  God is with you and we can't ask for any more than that.  You amaze me!

I agree how fast time goes.  I can hardly keep up with everything.  I will be praying for Dick.  He's a special guy, isn't he?!

Lilla, I hope your operation went well.  It's hard for Mom to have problems with so many families to guide.  I'm sure your children helped you through your ordeal just like you do for them.

I'm so sorry Margaret is having some problems.  We have prayers for everyone.  That's one thing you never run out of.  Isn't it wonderful?  How did you do on your chess game, Ray?  Hope you won.

Did your furniture make it  OK, Beulah?  How was your ride?  Ha. Ha.

I was so sorry to hear about Henry.  That was quite a shock to me.  I guess I didn't realize he was that sick.  My prayers are with you, Ruth.  Thank goodness you have so many memories.  My sister-in-law is in the last stages of Alzheimer's.  This is a bad thing to go through for families and friends.  It is so sad when you don't know your own family.  She is still just as sweet and cute as ever.

My children are doing OK this round.  My one son and daughter-in-law lost a baby in October, just one month after they moved to Cape Coral, Florida.

They thought my heart was plugged up again, and I went in for another stent on December 12th.  Good news!  My heart was not plugged.  I was taking too much Rxs for my sugar.  I had symptoms of plugged heart and my sugar was in the 40s to 80s.  That was too low for all the time.  So they took me off three pills a day.  Now I only take just the other two and it's working just fine.  Hurrah!  That's one more Rx off my list.  Overall, I'm doing very good.  I've gone from 15 Rxs daily down to nine daily now.  PTL.  I'm feeling so much better.  I was just over-medicated.  I'm glad the good Lord put that bud in the doctors' minds.  Ha. Ha.

Laura is going to France the first two weeks in July.  She's going with the church on a missionary mission.  She can hardly wait.  She still nannies, but the family has no problem letting her off for something like that.  The mother and dad will just take a family vacation for those two weeks.

I have a 50-year class reunion in August this year.  I'm on one of the committees, so I go to Marion (about 80 miles) for our meeting.  Got one this month.  When I go, I'll visit some friends while I'm there.  It should be a very pleasant trip.

Our church is going to replace our woman pastor in June this year.  More than half the church has left and they feel the preacher is the cause.  I guess we'll find out.  She doesn't want to leave.  It should be interesting.  I'll let you know how things go.

I've been at it long enough.  My son and grandchildren were here a couple of hours this afternoon and it's time to get supper now.  Talk to you next time.  Happy Easter to all!

Lots of love and prayers, Dixie

Feliz Navidad - from Panama!

Christmas greetings from Panama.  Jeans oldest boy, Rick, with his wife Liz and two daughters, Emily and Cristina.  They are surrounded by Liz's family - her mother and father and sisters and brother!

The group is "La Familia Gibbs-Marquez!"

(Click on the thumbnail to see the picture full-size.)


Best wishes to Ron and Shanna Gibbs







August 2, 2003

Dear Round Robin,

So glad to hear from everyone again.  Had a lot of things happen since last time.  In March I was having a lot of trouble breathing and getting dizzy, also getting sick to my stomach.  My blood pressure was out of whack.  So I went to the doctor.  He gave me a stress test and EKG.  I failed both really bad.  Went to the hospital the next morning and had to have stents put in my heart.  There was a 95% blockage in the main valve.  The opening was down to the size of a very sharp lead pencil.  Got that taken care of and in the next month I passed two kidney stones.  Meanwhile, after the stents were put in, my sugar went way out of sight.  (No change in diet.)  So, for two months we worked on getting that back down.  He finally put me on a very strict diet.  It worked!!  My highest reading in the last month has been 102, a real record for me.  I can't believe I am sticking to it.  I've never been on a food watch like this in my whole life.  I feel great! 

In June, my youngest brother got killed in an auto accident.  They rolled over seven times from a cliff.  He was thrown out the front windshield and died instantly.  The other two survived with minor injuries.  His children took care of things.  There was no funeral, no showing, and my two brothers and I were never allowed to see his body.  They had is bar open (buy your own drinks) from eight in the morning to eleven that night to celebrate his life.  My brothers and I could not go to a bar for something like that.  So we just sent flowers and asked God for His love and closure.  It was a hard time for us.  I'm so thankful he didn't suffer.  They had his body cremated and kept the urn, so we can't even go to the grave and pay our respects.

Clayton and Gerry, you both just look outstanding!  Can't tell a thing was ever wrong with either of you.  That was the best picture I've ever seen of either of you.

Oh Nita, I've been praying for you.  How are things going?  The Lord must still have things for you to do.  Never question what happens.  I know you are blessed.  This whole family is nothing but miracle after miracle to me.  It always has been.  What a pleasure to just know each of you like I do.

Boy, Lilla, we had a very cold winter here in Indiana too.  Now our summer is wet, wet.  What a weird weather year we have had.

I have one son and his family that just moved to Florida this week.  Hate to see them go so far, but now we have some place to go this winter.  They left us with the news that I am going to be a grandma again.  It's been awhile for me.  My husband has had two new grandchildren this last year.  They are so cute!!  He now as three granddaughters and five grandsons.  That is pretty good for two daughters.

Raymond, I just enjoyed the diary so very much.  I just truly treasure things like that.  I guess we all have a part of us that likes to stay in the past some time, even more so when the memories are good ones.

Beulah, I hope your eye surgery went well.  I know what the results can be.  I had both eyes done about two years ago.  What a miracle to see well again.  No problems whatsoever since then.  My daughter is doing OK.  She still has a lot of bad days, but also a lot of better days.  It will always be a struggle for her.  By the way, my son has kept his job, but is having trouble keeping his blood pressure down.  He is president of the union at the factory.  He sure has a lot of stress.  He comes up for supper with his three children a couple times a month.  We always enjoy that.

My daughter who has the two children so far apart is sending her daughter off to college this next Saturday.  Andrew was just there in July.  My granddaughter got a full scholarship on her softball skills.  Not bad, huh??!

Henry and Ruth, God bless you in all you do.  You are so busy doing the Lord's work.  Your cup runneth cover.

Oh Lois, when you see Paul again, my daughter, Laura, is a nanny in Medfield MA and she wants to get ahold of Paul.  I've given her his address and phone number that I have, but she gets no response.  Her number is (Laura Endsley) 508-359-5332.  That's where she lives with the people she works for.  She has been praying for Nita and would like to go visit her sometime.  What would her phone number be now?  Thanks.

I think I am going to take a little nap today.  We've gone fishing three times this week.  Caught over 170 blue gills, about half were from 10" to 11" - very nice!  They're all in the freezer to thaw and cook.  Ummmm, gooooood!!

Much love to all and lots of prayers for good health, and much love for all who are ill.

Love you, Dixie







October 25, 2002

Dear RR,

Where has this year gone?  Just two months until Christmas.  WOW!  Gerry, my heart goes out to you.  My son has a heart problem.  He is 38 years old and has had high blood pressure for a year and didn't see a doctor.  He didn't want to miss work, as money was so tight.  Well, I got a call early on August 1, 2002.  They thought he was having a heart attack.  He was in ICU for one week.  As it turns out, he did not have a heart attack, but had several damaged valves in his heart.  Three valves were working and three were not.  There was no blockage (thank goodness) so they could not operate.  So, with lots of rest and diet and exercise, he could get it up to par in about two years.  He has been off work three months; and if he doesn't return by November 1, 2002, they put his job up for bid.  It is the only job in the factory he can do because of his back surgeries.  He is going to try his best.  He takes three heart pills and three blood pressure pills.  While in the hospital, they discovered sleep apnea.  It was bad and took oxygen he needed for his heart.  That is why the damage is so severe.  So, he too wears the mask with all the trimmings every night.  It has worked so well for him.  I hope yours continues to work for you.  You are a sweetheart.

Nita, I'm sure there are many mixed emotions about selling your home.  I know you will make the right choice with prayers and God's guidance.  Let Him do the work for you and follow His directions.  My prayers are with you and your family.

What's this about a pilot in the family?  What a challenge!  You can do it.  This family is not make of talkers.  It's made of doers!

Lilla, I think you must be spinning in your shoes sometimes, keeping up with your family.  I know I sure do.

My one daughter, Sherry, is on social security disability now.  It took her two years to get it.  They're supposed to catch up on past due money of $600 per month.  They only sent $200 a month and she is still waiting for them to get it straightened out.  They need money so bad to catch up on things.  I take her for treatments once a week (110 miles round trip) for four weeks.  Then they let her rest for two or three weeks.  This week they burned the nerve endings in her spine.  She is in constant pain 4 hours a day, and will be for six to eight weeks.  They give her the strongest pain pills they can.  Would you please pray for her with me?  She has three children and her husband does have a job, but it doesn't nearly cover their bills.  They couldn't guarantee the nerve ending burnings to take.  If not, she will have pain every day the rest of her life.  (She is 44.)

Raymond, I will send you extra stamps and you can put them in the RR for each one that gets the RR, as they have this extra postage paid.  How much do you think the extra will be?  Thank you, thank you.

I would still like to know when Don and Beulah are going to publish their book on their many travels.  I believe they travel more than Earl did.  (Sure miss him a lot.)

Laura and I have been talking, and we are hoping we can make it sometime to the reunion.  I would like to visit with everyone.  We have been busy all year.  Of course, we did go fishing and had our garden.  Was everyone else's tomatoes smaller this year?  All mine were smaller around here.  It may have just been the weather.  We were dry all summer.

Tomorrow I am taking three of my great grandchildren, and two of the younger grandchildren, to the Pumpkin Patch.  It is a cute place.  They have a big building of pumpkins dressed for whatever.  They are painted as presidents, cowboys, cartoon figures, doctors, nurses, school teachers, etc.  It is full of little roped off spaces to resemble rooms, each with a different theme.  They also have a corn field maze to find your way through.  They have horse drawn buggy rides.  At the end they have a store with lots of things you can buy and all kinds of pumpkin treats.  Cakes, cookies, ice cream, - you name it.  I always enjoy it as does the three different families I'm taking.  The treat is on me.

It is raining here today.  Bruce is fixing a riding lawn mower we got at an auction sale to give to my son.

I just enjoyed my 66th birthday, October 18th, and my four year anniversary on the same day.  I was taken out to eat six times by friends and family.  One yummy home-cooked meal and one more to go.  I gained three pounds this last week.  Now I have to buckle down.  HA HA.

I'm going to visit my brother and his wife with my other brother and his bride-to-be next month.  They both have a lot of medical problems.  It's about a four hour drive.  I hope the weather stays nice.

Well, I'd better go for now.  I've rattled long enough.  I'm already awaiting the next RR newsletter.

Love and prayers to all, Dixie






March 31, 2002

Hi there, everyone,

I got the RR yesterday and was so glad to hear from everyone.  If you are back in Vermont now, Lois, I hope you are dealing with the weather OK.  Back here in Indiana, we had such a mild winder - almost no snow at all.  Then the second day of spring we had 12 inches of snow in two days.  Then in two or three days it was completely gone.  Isn't that something?  Today is Easter and it is beautiful!  My one grandson just left about half an hour ago.  We watched him hunt Easter eggs out in the yard.  The church was pretty empty today.  That makes me sad.  We have a small church, but very active.  I have grown close to our church family.

Dawnita, I'm so proud of you keeping your diabetes under control.  It is very hard to do when there are so many good cooks around you.  I have a lot of trouble myself.  It seems I can handle a cookie or piece of cake once in a while a lot better than those wonderful carbohydrates, such as noodles, spaghetti, breads, and potatoes.  I really have to watch them.

Nita, you deserve to slow down a little bit.  You've always been busy, busy, busy.

Lilla, your family has sure grown.  I know how proud you must be.  I can hardly wear button down blouses.  They keep popping of because I'm so proud!  Ha. Ha.  By the way,  I have number nine "great" grandchild on the way.  They tell me it's a boy due in June.  Also, my husband is going to be a grandpa again, number 7 for him.  His other daughter had one December 31st.  Between the two of us, that's 30 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

I know about having trouble breathing as Henry did.  I couldn't even finish a sentence at church.  I had 70% blockage, but chose not to get a stent.  We're working real hard to keep it at bay with just medication.  So far it's working, but of course I'm retired and don't have to do things like Henry does.  I am on SS and Medicare and that seems to be a whole other story.

Ruth, my other brother lives in Wyoming, MI now.  I'm hoping to go see them the first week in May to help celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Beulah, my one granddaughter is in Washington, D.C.  She is going there for one semester of college.  She wants to be governor of Wisconsin someday.  She's said this for the last three years.  She's worked on the staff to campaign for him.  She loves it.  She sure is enjoying her stay here.  She's seen the vice president a couple of times.

Raymond, I too enjoyed reading the diary.  Does anyone in the family keep one?  I did when I was younger.  I sure don't know what happened to it.  I don't have a clue where it would be now.  I think Cheryl's daughter looks like Grandma Margaret.  She is a doll!

Clayton, my husband too has had a lot of old cars.  Unfortunately, they have all passed on.  He has no place to keep them.  He knows cars backwards and forward.  He can fix anything.  That is until it comes to all computers.  Ha. Ha.  Gerry, my son-in-law has sleep apnea.  It is a scary think alright.  He isn't on a machine like Gerry.  Sounds like that works out OK.  Glad for that.

I am going to the state bowling tournament next month.  Then in May our team goes to Milwaukee, WI for nationals.  My son lives there.  I know we'll have a wonderful visit.

Well, I'll close for now.  See you all in the next RR.  What a wonderful family.

Love and prayers to all, Dixie.



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Clockwise Left to Right::  Reggie Dunn, Jean Gonzalo, Joanie Mann, Paul Gardner

Ruggiero's Restaurant (Happy Haddock), Medford, MA  07/07/01

Clockwise Left to Right:  Tom Gibbs, Rick Gibbs, Teresa Gonzalo, Ron Gibbs

Four of Jean's Five Children - 07/15/01

Jean and Miguel at Morro Bay, CA - 07/20/01


Paul Gardner standing in front of the Wellington Condominiums - July 2001







September 19, 2001

Dear RR,

    I hope Gerry is fine from her spill.  She should listen to you, Clayton.  My sister-in-law has Alzheimers in the later stages.  It is just too much for my brother to take care of their four bedroom home they raised their children in and keep up the yard.  They sold it and moved into a condo.  It is wonderful.  They only pay one payment plus a phone bill.  All their meals are included also.  Kate was confused at first, but now she has adjusted and is doing as well as expected at this time.  My brother is getting more rest that he needs because of his serious health.  It worked out better for them; go for it.

    Nita, we have had a problem with those dreaded beetles on our peach trees.  This is the first year we have gotten enough peaches for a fresh peach pie.  It was so flavorful compared to store ought.  They are a nice size, but we had less this year than last.  I would sure like to have a piece of your raspberry pie.

    Lilla, we have blue gill, perch, cat fish, northern pike and crappies - mostly blue gill.  Bruce and I caught 408 in the month of August.  We clean them and freeze them.  They are eaten once and sometimes twice all year around.  Congratulations, Lilla, on your first great grandchild.  What a joy!

    Well, Raymond, our two small gardens did O.K., but not overflowing with large bounties.  We just had one all in green and wax beans.  The other is tomatoes (14 plants), peppers, and lettuce.  I have lots in the freezer, but it sure won't last 'til spring.

    Beulah, you sound like you have the most and best garden stories, but then all your stories are always interesting.  Ruth, can you tell me where you are from Kalamazoo, MI?  That's where my brothers live.

    Well, Lois, I know you will be in Florida soon.  We did have a very warm summer this year.  The high heat and I don't get along too well, but I love it.  I plan on going fishing again this year.  It is so much fun.

    It is so hard to adjust to what has happened last week in the U.S.  I just finished reading "The Prayers of Jalbez" and "Secrets of the Vine."  If you haven't  yet read them, please do.  They are wonderful!  Catch you next time.  In God's love and prayers for all.

Lots of hugs and kisses, Dixie







June 25, 2001

Dear RR,

Just got this Saturday.  Thought I'd get it out real quick.  There sure are a lot of U.S. citizens going to Canada.  And why not?  With savings like that, you wonder how the U.S. can be so much higher.  If I didn't have an Rx medical card, my Rx's would be about $600 a month.  This way I pay $60.

Nita, you will enjoy your trip to Michigan with Don and Beulah.  What is Ruth and Henry's address now?  I have three brothers who live around the Kalamazoo area.  I try to get up there every four or six weeks for a visit.

Lilla, you will enjoy your bird feeder.  You may be surprised how much those little guys can put away.  Besides birds, we have squirrels and rabbits.  They are a lot of fun to watch in the evenings.  When our garden was first sprouting up, the bunnies were all lined up outside the fence most mornings watching the lettuce grow.  Ha! Ha!  It was so cute.  

Well, Raymond, Laura's boyfriend didn't last long.  He wouldn't go to church.  She's back in Wisconsin again and has two full time jobs.  She travels a lot and is a pretty happy girl.  When she meets "Mr. Right" she says she will know.  Meanwhile, she is enjoying life day-by-day.

Beulah and Don, I know your garden would dwarf our two small ones, but they are a lot of reward for the fruit of your labor.  Um, good!!

I hope you have found a doctor, Ruth and Henry.  It's hard to find a good one anymore.  They have such high priced office calls.  My prayers are with you.

Lois, are you down in Florida for the summer, or have you left yet?  Sounds like you are still in Vermont.  Anytime anyone goes to see Homer, tell him Dixie sends her best.

Last month, when I went to Wisconsin, I had a neat experience.  My granddaughter graduated from college and my grandson from high school, all in the same weekend.  There are two others in college and one will be a senior in high school next year.  These five are all in the same family.  Isn't that something?

Bruce and I are catching fish this year, but not nearly as many as in previous years.  They taste sooooo goooood!!  We eat them once or twice a week year round.

Got to go to the post office now.  Talk at you all next time the RR comes.

Love to all.

Prayers for everyone, Dixie




March 3, 2001

Dear RR,

    How is everyone doing?  Better, I hope.  Sure has been a long winter, but at least it was winter while it was supposed to be.  We can hopefully look forward to the other three seasons now, just one at a time.

    Lois, I enjoyed your bird story.  We have a lot of birds here that we feed.  We ran out of corn on the cob for the squirrels this year as they were eating our bird seed faster than we could fill it.  The squirrels swing on top of the bird feeder and lifted the lid to help themselves.  Lucky for them and us we had a big 50 pound bag of seed.  Everything seems to be back to normal now.

    Ruth and Henry, you never have to worry about what you do to help others find our Lord.  It all radiates before you wherever you go and in everything you do.  You have always been a chosen one.  God uses you beautifully!!

    Beulah, have patience with your therapy.  It took ten months, two hours a day for mine.  Even though it will never get any better than it is now, I can handle it.  I am even thankful for the injury now.  It's got me out of very heavy lifting factory work.  I have more time for my family and my husband.  It ended up being a blessing.   Now Don has a little more serious problem with the heart.  I also have a 70% blockage.  I chose not to have the angioplasty as they said it could just plug somewhere else.  So far so good.  I pray Don is doing well.

    Fifty years of marriage, what a milestone!  We have about 25-30 couples with fifty years or more.  It just amazes me.

    Lilla has such interesting letters.  You never run out of news with large families.  It always keeps you busy and on your toes.  Lilla, I hope you take time just for yourself once in awhile.  You could use a little rest now and then.

    Nita, do you know what I enjoyed so much from your garden?  Parsley.  It was tastier than any I had ever grown.  You just can't beat a salad from the garden in the summer.  And green beans with blue gill fresh caught.

    Clayton and Gerry, I still can't get used to your being on the West Coast.  You must really like it out there.  You are always so busy improving on your inventions.

    What a wonderful family!  I love you all so much.  Catch you on the next RR.

Love and prayers, Dixie



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